Welcome to Hanging Ditch

Life's a Ditch, come drink with us

Open 7 days a week until 12am. No smoking in our courtyard please, and be respectful of our neighbours when leaving. No sorry, Jack Smith is not single. Cool cool cool

We opened Hanging Ditch in late 2015 with one goal in mind- to provide the good people of Wellington with quality drinks & excellent service, in a laid back, approachable atmosphere.

Wellington's iconic Hannah's factory courtyard was the perfect location, slightly off the beaten track at that stage, but fast becoming a destination for people looking to put delicious things in their tummies. Five years down the line we're proud to refer to ourselves as one of Wellington's favourite watering holes, an opinion reinforced by our numerous regulars and returning guests- from nearby and further afield.

Over the years we've grown and adapted to various challenges (2020, we're looking at you) but our ethos has remained the same- quality drinks in a relaxed laid-back atmosphere, with some of the best bar-banter in the city. Come have a taaaste.